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Polo Match

What is it like to attend the Harriman Cup?
For the best answer to this, check out what these sites have said about us.

Polo Players Edition Magazine
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What 2 Wear Where

What should I wear?
As polo matches go, we’re pretty laid back. To get more of an idea, check out our pictures page. Also, we suggest you wear comfortable shoes. Prizes will be awarded to the attendees with the Best Hat and Best Outfit.

Can I set up a tailgate?
Yes, people set up tailgates often next to their cars or by the polo field. They can be pretty simple or they can be ornate – with tents and even the family silver! Prizes will be awarded for the Best Tailgate.

Tent Tailgate Silver Tailgate

Unabashedly Prep did a feature on the 2013 winner for the Best Tailgate: Max Sinsteden's Carpet Party.

Can I set up or rent a tent for my tailgate?
Yes, you can.  To rent tents or other equipment, contact Juliana Echeverri.

How much is parking?
There is an $8 entry fee for each car, payable upon entrance to Bethpage State Park.

If I’d like to have my tailgate catered, who would you recommend?
Carlyle Catering is the official catering company of Bethpage Park. To have your private tailgate catered, contact Mindy Saavides of Carlyle Catering at 516.756.1600 or

Can I use a BBQ grill at Bethpage State Park?
No attendee can have a BBQ grill or open flame at the event.

Am I allowed to bring glassware to the event?
While it is okay to bring bottles, please use plastic cups rather than glassware. We don't want any attendees or horses to get cut from broken glass on the field.

If I need to make a food/beverage run, where is the nearest place to go?

King Kullen (Map It)
598 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
Approx. 5 minutes away.

Bethpage Wine & Liquors Store (Map It)
574 Stewart Ave.
Bethpage, NY
Approx. 5 minutes away

What if I'm taking the train and won't have a car to tailgate?
Some folks bring wine and cheese and games, and relax on picnic blankets. Others love to socialize and people-watch by the field or chill in the Big Tent, where the musical entertainment will be performing after the game -- and where hopefully you'll be dancing too! Many people (esp. from NYC) love to come to the Harriman Cup to watch the polo match, catch up with friends, and just order food and beverages sold on site.

Can I buy food and drinks there at Bethpage State Park?
Soft drinks, beer, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and hotdogs by Carlyle Catering will be available for purchase.

Where is the closest ATM?
Chase Bank (Map)
57 Northern Blvd.
Greenvale, NY  11548
Approx. 4 minutes away

I want to stay at a nearby hotel; where would you suggest?
Roslyn Claremont Hotel
Inn at Fox Hollow
East Norwich Inn
Fairfield Inn-Syosset

Can my children come?
Yes, children age 12 and under attend for free.

What happens if it rains?
The all day event is rain or shine. No refunds. We will have a large tent next to the polo field just in case of rain.

Who were the past winners of the Harriman Cup?

2016UVa – 10Yale – 4
2015UVa – 13Yale – 7
2014UVa – 16Yale – 7
2013UVa – 11Yale – 8
2012UVa – 6Yale – 5
2011UVa – 6Yale – 5
2010UVa – 13Yale – 10
2009Yale – 13UVa – 12
2008UVa – 11Yale – 10
2007Yale – 13UVa – 11
2006Yale – 12UVa – 11
2005Yale – 10UVa – 9
2004UVa – 12Yale – 11
2003UVa – 8Yale – 7
2002Yale – 12UVa – 10
2001UVa – 6Yale – 3
2000Yale – 7UVa – 6
1999UVa – 14Yale – 11
1998UVa – 12Yale – 6
1997Yale – 11UVa – 9
1996UVa – 11Yale – 7
1995Yale – 11UVa – 8
1994Yale – 10UVa – 9
1993Yale – 17UVa – 16
1992UVa – 21Yale – 21
1991UVa – 9Yale – 5
1990Yale – 9UVa – 8
1989UVa – 9Yale – 5
1988Yale – 9UVa – 7
1987Yale – 10UVa – 6
1986Yale – 7UVa – 6
1985Yale – 9UVa – 6

With their win in 2016, the Virginia team has taken the lead in the 32-year series with 16 wins. There has only been one tied match, which happened in 1992.

UVa player LJ Lopez was the MVP of the match, and Pethanke, a Yale horse that was ridden by Branden Van Loon in the 5th chukker, was named the Best Playing Pony.

Who were the past winners for the “Best Hat”?

2016Aleksandra SitnickNick Bip
2015Marina McCloskeyChristopher Leake
2014Alexandra PowellAidan Domin
2013Valerie O'Halloran 
2012Gwendolyn Rayner 
2011Lydia Tower 
2010Alicia Fernandez 

Who were the past winners for the “Best Fascinator”?

2016Lecki Roberts
2015Michelle Brown
2014Meg Towner

Who were the past winners for the “Best Dressed”?

Year Male Female Couple
2016Larry MilsteinMeili EubankPhaon Spurlock & Shena Delgado
2015Mark GianfallaSarah Bird 
2014Ryan RuffLandon Wellford 
2013Dean ZachariasKelli Wein 
2012Max SinstedenJennifer Cuminale 
2011Doug Berman
2010David Van Fleet Bloys

Who were the past winners for the “Best Tailgate”?
2014The Yale School of Management
2013Max Sinsteden's Carpet Party
2012The Pink & Plaid: Lizzy Benchoff, Alex Falk, Meredith Walzer
2011Amelia Osborne, Chris Beck
2010Malcolm Dorson, Tim DiPietro, Dave Knott

Who were the past winners for the “Best Dog”?

2014Zoey the Shorkie
2012Beau Schieffelin

Got another question?
If you have a question that isn't answered here or on the Tickets/Info page, please contact Nick Barry.